Luban Workshop carried for 1st time between Tianjin and UK schools

Updated: 2021-04-28


Tianjin Second Commercial School signed an agreement with the University of Chichester in Tianjin on Dec 14, 2018, for the Luban Workshop cooperation project. 

The Luban Workshop is recognized as another important measure to spread Chinese culture after the Confucius Institute. 

Tianjin Second Commercial School is the first secondary vocational school in Tianjin to carry out a Luban Workshop project, and marks a new stage for internationalization of Tianjin vocational education. 

The Tianjin Second Commercial School, also known as the Tianjin Cooking Techniques School, is a time-honored secondary vocational school. The school is praised as the top school for cooking techniques in Tianjin, as it has cultivated a large number of culinary talents for society. 

Based on the Belt and Road Initiative, Tianjin Second Commercial School shares outstanding achievements of vocational education with overseas countries. It builds a platform for dialogue and communication between Tianjin Vocational Education and the world. 

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