Tianjin institutes devote to construct Mali Luban Workshop

Updated: 2021-04-28


Two colleges and a hospital joined hands recently to promote the Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, and aid the development of local traditional medicines in the African country.

Tianjin Medical College, Hongxing Vocational Secondary Specialized School and Tianjin Beichen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will cooperate to establish a Luban Workshop and train local TCM talents in the Republic of Mali.

The three parties set up two work teams to better implement the Mali Luban Workshop project. One of them is for liaison to periodically communicate and resolve problems. The other team is for training teachers, selecting the teaching materials, and deciding plans and courses. 

Inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative, the cooperation has profound meaning in advancing the development of TCM, promoting it in overseas countries and integrating it with modern medicine. 

The TCM international cooperation projects will make African people more aware of TCM and increasing their benefit from it. 

The Mali Luban Workshop will fuel the growth of traditional medicine in Mali. It is also expected to promote development and innovation of TCM and push ahead cooperation in medical care and health between China and Mali. 

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