Luban Workshop backs Tianjin vocational education teacher training

Updated: 2021-04-09

On March 30, Tianjin Vocational Institute held a specialized training course, attended by more than 130 professional teachers from 26 universities and vocational colleges, aimed at spreading excellent vocational education teaching standards.


The vocational education training course[Photo/]

Luban Workshop Research and Promotion Center lent strong supports to the course. Luban Workshop, as a key achievement of Tianjin's vocational education, follows spirit of craftsmanship to aid global development.

Tianjin should seek to widen cooperation by jointly carrying out academic research, formulating standards and conducting exchange projects for teachers and students, according to a speech given by Liu Bin, president of the Tianjin Vocational Institute, at the course's launch ceremony.

Tianjin should also push forward the construction of Luban Workshop and boost its sustainable development, while Luban Workshop would contribute its wisdom, experiences and plans to help Chinese vocational education establishments succeed abroad, Liu continued.

Li Zhihui, vice-president of Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College, and Li Yunmei, vice-president of Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College, gave special lectures during the training course

Li Zhihui shared the background, principles and practices of developing international professional teaching standards. Li Yunmei share experiences and case studies of developing professional teaching standards.

Chinese government's national plan for the reform of vocational education and other significant documents suggested Chinese vocational education go global, improve its international influence and share its outstanding achievements. 

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