Introduction to the Luban Workshop Research and Promotion Center

Updated: 2021-05-12

The key responsibilities of the Luban Workshop Research and Promotion Center include policy research, standards development, project guidance, quality assessment, teacher training, resource development, information release, academic exchange and publicity, promotion, and applications. 

(1)Theory and policy research 

1. Construction result summaries. Conduct project construction research through follow-up surveys, establish special projects on the construction and development of Luban workshops, set up sub-projects, sort out their development patterns, basic characteristics and existing problems, publish an annual Luban Workshop Construction and Development Report based on the situation of all the completed projects and those under construction. 

2. Institutional standard design. Set up specialized projects to establish the assessment standard system for Luban workshops, design a complete quality control system covering the whole process from construction to regulation and final outcome assessment. At the same time, set specialized research subject in construction standards and assessment standards in accordance with the major categories such as machinery and businesses, so as to form a standardization system of construction and assessment in different categories. 

3. Policy consultation and study. Establish corresponding survey and research projects in accordance to the construction needs of Luban workshops, invite experts and scholars at home and abroad, executives of Chinese enterprises, and the Chinese embassy to conduct extensive research and analysis on the Belt and Road Initiatives, the support for Chinese and foreign enterprises, and the deeper integration of production and education, so as to provide policy support and decision advice for project development. 

(2) Quality monitoring and assessment 

Aiming at the construction goals of Luban workshops, make a comprehensive monitoring and assessment on the construction and development quality of the workshops. According to the assessment standard system and the three basic principles of quality orientation, development orientation and performance orientation, invite an expert team to conduct a thorough, full-range and multi-level monitoring and assessment of the workshops every three years.

Quality monitoring and assessment should proceed in two ways, process assessment and outcome assessment, and the acceptance examination assessment results should be taken as an important basis to decide whether the project can proceed to the next three-year construction cycle. Projects that do not have a significant outcome or violate the relevant requirements shall correct their shortcomings or be taken out of consideration. 

(3) Teacher training and resource development 

Set up a principal class and professional teacher class for each project unit, so that they can understand the connotations of the management system, the construction path, teaching models and professional construction of Luban workshops. Organize professional teams to develop educational and teaching resources such as personnel cultivating programs, curriculum standards, bilingual teaching materials, and to design online course series matching the practical teaching. 

(4)Outcome publicity and promotion 

1.International communication. With the aim to improve the brand effect of Luban workshops, hold annual international seminars, invite experts and scholars at home and abroad, diplomatic officers, international organizations, and overseas enterprises to them and collect attendees' papers and publish proceedings as appropriate. 

2. Domestic communication. Assist in organizing an annual national Luban workshop union assembly, hold seminars for the members of the union so that they can exchange best practice and learnings, and support the Tianjin project constructor in conducting events at home and abroad. 

3. Publicity and promotion. Publicize the construction experience of Luban workshops and promote construction outcomes through varied activities and media channels. Create the Chinese and English language website which post various bilingual information bulletins about Luban workshops. Construct a public service platform for project management and implement information management throughout the entire process. 

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