Laos Luban Workshop comes into operation

( Updated: 2024-05-10


Charge d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Laos Wang Chang attended the unveiling ceremony of the Laos Luban Workshop in Khammouane Province on April 24.

The ceremony also witnessed the inauguration of an international Chinese language teaching center, through which the Laos students can learn "Chinese language as well as automobile skills".

Wang said that the new version of the action plan on building a community with a shared future for both countries clearly points out the need to carry out cooperative education in vocational skills, language and culture to serve many major construction projects.

He hopes that relevant parties will make good use of the opportunity to effectively promote cooperation and enhance people-to-people bonds.


After the ceremony, Keo-Oudone Boudsingkhone, vice-governor of the province of Khammouane, Laos, visited the training base of the Laos Luban Workshop together with leaders from the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports, Liuzhou City Vocational College, and Khammouane Technical and Vocational College of Laos.