Madagascar official: Luban workshop enriches the country's higher education

( Updated: 2024-05-06

Madagascar's Acting Minister of High Education and Scientific Research Fidiniavo Ravokatra highlighted the significant impact of the Luban Workshop on the country's higher education during a statement in the capital Antananarivo on April 26.

At the equipment donation event for the second phase of Madagascar's Luban Workshop project, Ravokatra said that the project has greatly benefited Madagascar's higher education. He expressed hope for increased collaboration between educators from Madagascar and China to foster talent for industrialization.

Mamy Raoul Ravelomanana, president of the University of Antananarivo, echoed Ravokatra's sentiments, describing the Luban Workshop as a symbol of the friendship between Madagascar and China.

Ravelomanana underscored the workshop's contributions to Madagascar's progress in electrical, automotive and mechanical engineering, as well as information technology. He emphasized that the modernization of education, particularly in technology-related fields, has enabled local vocational education to adapt to evolving demands.

The Madagascar Luban Workshop, which began in early 2022, is a collaborative effort between Tianjin Vocational College of Mechanics and Electricity, Tianjin Machinery and Electric Industry School and the University of Antananarivo. 

More than 100 local students currently participate  in the education and training programs it offers.