Rwanda Luban Workshop to help young people build their skills

( Updated: 2024-04-28

Recently, a group of 30 Rwandan students embarked on a journey to China to delve into a year-long study of e-commerce and electrical automation vocational skills.

These students, having completed two years of study at IPRC Musanze in the northern province of Rwanda, were handpicked to further their education at Jinhua Polytechnic in Zhejiang province, China.


The Rwanda Luban Workshop is inaugurated on Nov 18, 2023. [Photo/Chinese Embassy in Rwanda]

Before their departure, a reporter from Xinhua visited the Rwanda Luban Workshop, situated at IPRC Musanze. The Rwanda Luban Workshop is a collaboration between Jinhua Polytechnic and Rwanda Polytechnic and was inaugurated at IPRC Musanze in November.

In the media live broadcast training room, the reporter met Natasha, a 21-year-old student immersed in learning lighting and video shooting techniques. Natasha, who hails from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, studies e-commerce at IPRC Musanze.

"I feel incredibly honored for the opportunity to study in China," Natasha said. "E-commerce exposes me to digitalization and global developments. Studying in China will sharpen our thinking skills and bolster our vocational expertise for future entrepreneurship."


The Rwanda Luban Workshop gets started on Nov. 18, 2023. [Photo/Chinese Embassy in Rwanda]

Asher, a 23-year-old third-year student majoring in electrical automation, said that studying in IPRC Musanze has provided him with a strong technical foundation and he eagerly anticipates studying in China.

He said that Rwanda, as a rapidly developing country, is actively embracing the latest technologies like electrical automation. "Studying this major contributes to our country's development," he said.

Asher also sees the cooperation between schools not only promotes academic growth, but also serves as a bridge for cultural exchanges. As he explores Chinese culture, he hopes to introduce more Chinese people to the history and culture of Rwanda.


File photo taken on Nov 18, 2023 shows the launch of the Rwanda Luban Workshop. [Photo/Chinese Embassy in Rwanda]

At present, the technical standards of the workshop's two majors have been approved by the Rwandan Higher Education Commission and the Rwandan Ministry of Education, and have been included in the country's vocational and technical standards system.

Students will study in two places -- two years in Musanze, Rwanda, and one year in Jinhua, China.

Rwanda Luban Workshop has recruited 210 students and conducted "Chinese language plus vocational skills" training for nearly 10,000 people, providing important support for Chinese-funded enterprises in Rwanda and the employability of Rwandan youths.