Intl students celebrate Chinese clothing in Tianjin

( Updated: 2024-04-25


International students from Tianjin take a photo to celebrate the opening of Chinese Clothing Culture Month in Tianjin on Saturday. The event kicked off at Tianjin College of Commerce. [Photo provided to]

Chinese Clothing Culture Month kicked off at Tianjin College of Commerce on Saturday, with 121 international students from various universities and colleges in Tianjin attending.

The students, hailing from 20 countries, immersed themselves in activities to experience clothing culture up close.

One student, Pornkanok Rujirasirikul of Thailand, a third-generation descendant of Chinese ancestors, expressed her admiration for the beauty of Chinese clothing and traditional culture during the event.

"My grandfather is Chinese, and he often remarks that I resemble an ancient Chinese girl depicted in a painting. The exquisite beauty of Chinese attire is something he proudly explains to his friends. I take great pride in my Chinese heritage," she said.

El Ouatiq Mohammed, who goes by the Chinese name Long Mude, is an international student from the Luban Workshop in Morocco, an initiative launched by the college. During the event, he carefully selected a piece of Chinese clothing adorned with traditional dragon patterns.

"I understand that the Chinese hold the dragon in high regard, as it symbolizes luck, prosperity and bravery. This is why the character long is incorporated into my Chinese name," he said.

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