Updated: 2021-04-29


The launch ceremony of the Kenya Luban Workshop [Photo/]

The Kenya Luban Workshop opened on Kenya local time Dec 14, 2019, on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Kenya. It was established by Tianjin City Vocational College, China Huawei Technology Co and Machakos University in Kenya.

Kenya Luban Workshop is the second Luban workshop established by Tianjin in Africa, and its purpose is to cultivate top technical talents in the information and communications technology field for Kenya's economic and social development.

Based on the international professional teaching standards of China's vocational education, the Kenya Luban Workshop adopts the Engineering Practice Innovation Project (EPIP) teaching model. It was established in line with 5 standards on training equipment, venues, professional standards, textbooks, and teacher trainings.

The workshop has four teaching areas for cloud-network integration, data center, smart city, and TV and online teaching. It also offers four-year undergraduate teaching in cloud computing and information security management, and provides technology training for local companies.

Luban Workshop is named after Lu Ban, an ancient Chinese woodcraft master, and it aims to share the latest vocational education developments and new international cooperation models. Besides, the workshop promotes the two countries to strengthen cooperation in vocational education and increase in-depth cultural exchanges.