Updated: 2021-04-29


The Luban Workshops in Egypt were established by Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College, Tianjin Transportation Technical College, Ain Shams University in Egypt and Cairo Advanced Maintenance Technical School.

All the parties cooperated seamlessly to meet the construction requirements in the preparations began in December 2018. They finished trainings for Egyptian teachers, worked out five bilingual professional standards, courses standards and textbooks, and formulated advanced training outlines for junior high school. 

In addition, they completed transportation of donated equipment from China to Egypt, and the plan and decoration of the training labs with all the equipment installed and debugged. Teachers and students also finished on-site training and learning and communication at the workshop.

The two Luban workshops in Egypt completed its construction by December 2019, and an opening ceremony was held online on Nov 30, 2020. 

The workshop in the Ain Shams University has three majors of computer numerical control equipment application and maintenance, new energy application technology, and automobile application and maintenance technology; and the workshop in the Cairo Advanced Maintenance Technical School has two majors of numerical control process technology and automobile maintenance technology.

The purpose of establishing Luban workshops in Egypt is to provide youth with vocational skill trainings, while cultivating applied technical talents for the country. As a landmark result of the in-depth cooperation in vocational education between the two countries, the Egypt Luban workshops will further promote vocational education cooperation between the two countries.

Egypt is a large Arabic and Islamic developing country in Africa with highly concentrated industries. There is a large demand for applied technical talents for industrial development in professional fields such as automobile application and maintenance, new energy, and numerical control.