Updated: 2021-03-27

On January 8, 2021, the Online Kick-off Meeting of Faculty Training for the Uganda Luban Workshop was held synchronously in Tianjin Polytechnic College and Uganda Technical College Elgon. The online training for Ugandan teachers would begin in the following week.

At the site of Tianjin Polytechnic College, a total of 20 persons, including Kong Weijun, director of the Continuing Education Center and dean of the college, Li Guiyun, director of teaching and foreign exchanges, Zhang Xiufang, director of the Academic Affairs Office, and department heads and the chief teachers in charge of faculty training attended the meeting.

Kong made a welcoming speech. He said that after the epidemic situation improves a professional team will be sent to Uganda for on-site installation, acceptance, commissioning and delivery of training equipment, and for training of teachers in Uganda Technical College Elgon.

Li introduced the current situation and the future development plan of Uganda Luban Workshop. He said that after a year of efforts, the phase I project has been completed. Two international professional standards have been developed, 30 PPT presentations and 50 teaching videos have been made, and skill training for teachers in Uganda Technical College Elgon has been initiated.

Zhang assigned the training, introduced its form and timing, and outlined its requirements.

Li Meihong, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Lin Lei, head of the Industrial Technology Department, introduced two key specialties: mechatronics and ferrous metallurgy.

The principal of Uganda Technical College Elgon thanked Tianjin Polytechnic College for donating equipment and providing faculty training. He said that Uganda Technical College Elgon would continue to work with Tianjin Polytechnic College and Tian Tang Group in constructing the Uganda Luban Workshop.

In addition, the 18 teachers of Tianjin Polytechnic College responsible for the nine training courses and the teachers of Uganda Technical College Elgon successively made personal and course introductions and exchanged names and contact details with each other.