Overseas companies set to boost cruise travel
TIANJIN - Two international cruise operators will sail their luxury ships to China next year, ready to take advantage of the growing cruise travel market.
Just the ticket to Tianjin
The former commercial gateway to northern China is today a curious amalgam of architectural styles.
The Astor Hotel in Tianjin
The Astor Hotel in Tianjin, found in 1863, is the only hotel that's acknowledged as a cultural relic by the Chinese government.
Classic desserts: American Brownie at the Astor Hotel in Tianjin
Pastry chef Vinson Xu of the Astor Hotel in Tianjin demonstrates how he makes his signature dessert American Brownie.
Running on plenty
Last Saturday, she completed the 10k run in The Great Wall Marathon, in Tianjin, China.
China Postal Airlines launches Tianjin-Dalian-Osaka route
China Postal Airlines, the China Post carrier,launched an air cargo route from Tianjin to Osaka via Dalian, March 29, 2011.
Day trip to Tianjin is historical journey
With a high-speed train primed to take Beijingers in half an hour, Tianjin is a marvel of East meets West.
A funny bunny made of jade
A gray-cyan jade rabbit pendant is set to have viewers hopping to it as the Year of the Rabbit dawns.
Private museum creates waves in Tianjin and beyond
Built by Tianjin-born collector Zhang Lianzhi, the China House is a private museum that features more than 400 million porcelain fragments.
Western-style houses telling hundred-old legend
With the goal of "Excavating City Culture and Polishing City Calling Card", City Express has released featured pages of Tianjin Western-style Houses since January 2010.
Wetland provides template for future
Dagang is one of China's main petrochemical bases, therefore, as a practical solution to pollution, the city decided to build a wetland park between the petrochemical industry site and the residential area, which was formally started in April 2007.
Tianjin to become yachting and cruise liner hub
As an appointed economic center for North China, Tianjin is gearing up efforts to develop its fledgling but promising cruise and yacht tourism industries, which some expect to become the biggest in Asia.
Tianjin Museum
The Tianjin Museum is a comprehensive art and history museum featuring collections of historical and artistic relics.
Tianjin won  Best Leisure and Shopping City
The competition is judged by four criteria: landmarks of the city, leisure environment, leisure conditions and leisure economy.
Folk art exhibition kicks off in Tianjin
The second Tianjin folk art exhibition kicked off on Saturday, with a total of 200 folk art works exhibited.
China's largest polar marine museum opens
China's largest polar marine museum opened on Thursday in Tianjin, displaying thousands of rare polar marine species from more than 10 countries.
Polar Ocean Park to open to public in China's Tianjin
The Polar Ocean Park in Tianjin will open to the public soon, visitors can see more than 30,000 kinds of marine creatures.
Tianjin marks Mazu Goddess Cultural Travel Festival
Actors participate in a parade during the opening ceremony of the 5th Chinese Tianjin Mazu Goddess Cultural Travel Festival in north China's Tianjin Municipality, Sept. 27, 2010.
Crowning gem of Tianjin
Tianjin's most impressive building of the early 20th century, the Astor is the only hotel with a national-level museum inside.
A Tour of the future
Starting in Xi'an, Sha'anxi province on Sept 10, the 2,098-kilometer race passed through six cities in five provinces before reaching its final stage in Tianjin on Sunday.
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