Tianjin 10 Actions

Tianjin takes action to build socialist modern metropolis


Updated: 2024-03-04


The fifth session of the 12th CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee was held from Feb 27 to 28, during which the decision to solidly promote high-quality development and comprehensively build a socialist modern metropolis was approved.

Focusing on economic development and high-quality development as the top priority, Tianjin will further embrace the coordinated development of the Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei region, and make greater efforts to promote reform and opening up. This aims to make the Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei region a pioneer area for Chinese modernization.

Tianjin will join Beijing and Hebei in enhancing the synergy of technological innovation and the integration of industrial systems, and work together to create an important source of independent innovation and turn the three locations into international advanced manufacturing clusters.

The region will further integrate the construction of transportation, enhance the co-construction and sharing of public services, and consolidate efforts in ecological environment protection.

By playing its role in the region, Tianjin aims to build itself into "one base and three zones" in China. The plan refers to the country’s advanced manufacturing base and its international shipping core zone, as well as its model operational zone for financial innovation and pilot zone for reform and opening-up.

Tianjin will intensify efforts to leverage its strengths and spearhead the advancement of new productive forces. It will attach equal importance to scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, strengthen the building of sci-tech innovation parks, further integrate the digital economy with the real economy, and promote the high-end, smart and green development of its manufacturing sector.

Tianjin will deepen market-oriented reforms, promote the reform of State-owned enterprises, and promote the development and growth of the private economy. It will also deepen financial reform and development, enhance its ability and level of serving the real economy, and prevent and defuse economic and financial risks.

The city will deepen opening up, facilitate the opening-up process, optimize the opening-up environment, expand the scope of opening up, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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