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Xiqing becomes a popular destination during Spring Festival holiday


Updated: 2024-02-20

During the 8-day Spring Festival holiday, Tianjin's Xiqing district has become a popular tourism destination, receiving a total of 3.6 million visitors and achieving an income of 260 million yuan ($36.12 million).


Spring Festival celebration event in Xiqing district

Focusing on the Chinese traditional festival of Spring Festival, Xiqing carried out 145 special cultural and tourism events, attracting visitors from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, as well as other areas across the country.


Spring Festival celebration event in Xiqing district

The 27th Yangliuqing Guochao (China-chic) Lantern Show themed event, featuring traditional Chinese lanterns, trendy music festivals, delicious food, and snacks, attracted hordes of tourists to come and experience the festive atmosphere.


Folk performance in Xiqing district during the holiday

In addition, Xinkou town and Yangliuqing Ancient Town scenic area hosted a rich variety of folk performances, such as folk dance, opera singing and intangible heritage show, integrating the local traditional culture with tourism market.

In 2024, Xiqing district will continue to promote the local cultural and tourism brands and improve its tourism services, injecting vitality to the local tourism market.

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