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Tianjin eye expert makes breakthroughs in ocular trauma treatment


Updated: 2024-02-16

For over 20 years, Professor Yan Hua from Tianjin Medical University General Hospital has been a leader in the field of international ocular trauma and committed to basic and clinical research on ocular trauma. 


With the support of a number of national scientific research projects, Professor Yan has carried out studies on the "Blindness Mechanism of Ocular Trauma" and "Key Technologies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Trauma". He has achieved a significant innovation and a series of original achievements with independent intellectual property rights, which enables the restoration of vision in injured eyes and prevents the eyeball from developing enucleation, which originally needed to be removed.

The new concept of treatment of ocular trauma with no light perception (blindness) developed by the professor avoids the removal of the eyeball in severe eye trauma, and restores not only the appearance of the patient's eye, but also vision with reduced pain.

At the same time, Professor Yan is the first to apply artificial intelligence to ocular trauma in the world, relying on the world's largest ocular trauma database to establish VisionGo as an AI prediction system for vision after ocular trauma, which has raised the accuracy rate from 49 percent to 90 percent compared to international methods, and is available for doctors around the world free of charge.

In order to improve the surgical effect, shorten the operation time, and improve the efficiency and safety of the operation, Professor Yan has independently developed advanced ophthalmic microsurgical instruments, and carried out technological innovation and achievement transformation to solve difficulties encountered in ocular trauma surgery.

Through years of research, Professor Yan has discovered a novel mechanism of blindness caused by ocular trauma, and has actively developed new medications for the treatment of ocular trauma, the results of which have been highly praised by the world's top high-level journals. 

Professor Yan has presided over the formulation of international guidelines and expert consensus, and has published hundreds of high-level academic papers. The research results have been highly recognized by international and domestic peers, and have established the leading position of China's ocular trauma research in the international academic field.

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