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Tianjin Port introduces a new maritime route to South America


Updated: 2023-12-22


On Dec 21, Tianjin Port inaugurated a new route to South America, bound for countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and others.

This route will further expand Tianjin Port's connectivity on the sea and enhance the international shipping hub function in the northern region. It will reinforce Tianjin Port logistics roles in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and the Belt and Road Initiative.

This development is expected to   facilitate trade growth and diversification between China and emerging economies in South America. Tianjin Port's strengthened role is set to contribute port capabilities to facilitate the dual functions of domestic and international trade.

The newly launched Tianjin to South America West route, operating with a fleet of 10 vessels capable of carrying standard containers ranging from 3500 to 4500 TEU, will significantly enhance the efficiency of maritime transportation. This weekly service is poised to expedite the trade of seasonal products such as white shrimp, frozen beef, tropical fruits, red wine, and grains from South America. It will also expedite the export of domestic chemical products, glass, rolled steel, bicycles, and complete cars.

The establishment of this route is expected to provide a swifter sea connection, effectively accelerating trade exchanges between the northern region of China and countries and regions in South America.

To ensure the inaugural voyage of this new route is safe and efficient, Tianjin has taken proactive measures to optimize port clearance. This includes coordinating efforts to streamline customs procedures, reducing ship operations time. These initiatives are aimed at deepening the service guarantee for the new route and elevating overall service standards.

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