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Ninghe facilitates local forestry economy


Updated: 2023-12-11

On Dec 8, the Forest Industry Development Forum took place in Tianjin’s Ninghe district, bringing the China Forestry Industry Federation, renowned experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs in the field nationwide together to promote cooperation in the local forestry economy and the high-quality development of Ninghe.


Ninghe district [Photo/WeChat account: Media Convergence of Ninghe District]

At the forum, a representative of Ninghe’s Forestry Bureau introduced the local forestry resources. At present, Ninghe has a total of 200,000 mu of forestry resources, forming an ecological landscape where forests, water, and fields are interconnected.

In order to promote the development of the local forestry industry, Ninghe introduced its plan to promote the synchronized development of the Yongding New River Wetlands Park, forestry leisure experience area, Binyu Highway economic forestry belt, Qilihai forestry health development belt, and its four cultivation bases of mushrooms, Chinese medicinal herbs, flowers, and livestock.

Additionally, Ninghe’s Forest Industry Innovation Development Alliance was unveiled during the forum.

"Relying on this alliance, we will strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes nationwide. With the abundant forest lands, we aim to drive the development of pharmaceutical and health food processing industries, as well as lead the development of rural tourism," said Feng Jianguo, director of Ninghe’s Forest Industry Innovation Development Alliance.

Going forward, Ninghe will adhere to the strategy of "ecological priority" and pursue green development. Efforts will be made to transform resource advantages into economic advantages and build Ninghe district into a new highland for green and innovative development.

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