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Updated: 2023-07-12


Tianjin  successfully  held  important  international  games  like  the  World  Table Tennis   Championships,   World   Gymnastics   Championships,   World   Water   Ski Championships, and East Asian Games, improving the city's sports infrastructure.  Tianjin  Olympic  Center  Stadium  sitting  by a  lake,  is often colloquially  refered to  as  the  Water  Drop  for  its  shape  and  location.  It  is  a  multi-use  stadium  that combines  leisure,  entertainment,  fitness,and   shopping

Tianjin Jizhou National Ice Project Training Base as a key government- invested project, the Base provides training venues and service guarantees for   the national teams to prepare for the Winter Games, such as ice hockey, curling,   shorttrack speed skating, roller hockey, and figure skating. It will serve as a sports   complex for national team training, ice and snow talent training, winter sports   cultural campaigns, and sports tourism, facilitating people's participation in   winter sports.


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