Sports and Recreation

New vitality in Tianjin's sports industry

Updated: 2023-07-12

In   its   efforts   to   become   an   international   consumption   center,   Tianjin   has established a guide fund of 50 million yuan annually for the development of the sports  industry.  Over  the  past  decade,  the  government  has  allocated  a  total  of 255 million yuan, leveraging 4.637 billion yuan of private investment. Each year, 50,000"sports cards" are issued, benefiting over  120,000 people and boosting  143 million yuan of consumption. Tianjin has established three national sports industry bases and  17 municipal sports industry bases. In 2022, the sales of sports lottery reached a record high of 6.173 billion yuan, raising  1.459 billion yuan for public welfare, including 734 million yuan at the local governmental level.

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