Sports and Recreation

A sports powerhouse

Updated: 2023-07-12


Tianjin  improves  its  public service system to  pursue fitness for all.  Currently, the total  area  of  Tianjin  sports  venues  has  reached  37.289  million  square  meters, with a total  number of 28,016 venues and over 52,000  non-governmental sports instructors.  There  are  60  distict-level  public  sports venues  and  more than  8,000 fitness parks in urban and rural communities, so that every resident have access to  sports  facilities.  Moreover,  90  sports  parks,  101  community  fitness  centers in  streets  and  towns,  and  62  hiking  trails  in  Jizhou  District,  have  been  newly constructed  or  upgraded.  As  a  result,  every  resident  can  reach  sports  venues within  15  minutes.

Tianjin  hosts  over  300  district-level  fitness-for-all  events  and  activities  annually, with 45 percent of the population regularly participating inexercises. As many as 93 percent of its  urban and  rural  residents  meet the  national  physical fitness standards,placing it at the top of China. Exercise is alifestyle and a culture in Tianjin, with enthusiasts seen exercising in sports facilities along the Haihe River, in the parks, greenways, and neighborhoods.

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