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Updated: 2023-07-12


Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team Wins lts 15th League Championship

Tianjin   unveiled  the   "Implementation   Plan   of  Tianjin  to  Accelerate  the Construction ofthe'City of Volleybal'(2021-2030)" on July 31,2022. On September 2,2022, Tianjin held the Conference on the Construction ofthe "City ofVolleybal'" to  launch the campaign, yielding significant  results  in competitive volleyball, campus volleyball, mass volleyball, and the awareness of volleyball culture.

Continuing to Progress: Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team winning 15 League titles in 20 years

On January 8,2023, Tianjin women's volleyball team won the championship at the 2022-2023 China Women's Volleyball Super League held in Jiangxi Province. The team, the previous championship holder, maintained a  straight winning record in 22 matches this season to secure the title. Since winning its first championship 20 years ago, the Tianjin team has made into the league finals  18 times, earning  15 championship  trophies.

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