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Updated: 2023-07-11


Ma Zhiming and Huang Zumin, two crosstalk artists from Tianjin Ma Zhiming and Huang Zumin, two crosstalk artists from Tianjin.

Crosstalk is a language-based drama rap art. In 1862, crosstalk debuted at Beijing Tianqiao market. Many years later, crosstalk continued to spread and flourished in Tianjin. Since then, it has been a thriving art and passed down from generation to generation.

The crosstalk of Tianjin is a cultural symbol with unique geographical characteristics. If you pay a visit to Tianjin but don't listen to a teahouse crosstalk, it's just like you have never been to Tianjin. Some people have taken planes to Tianjin, with only one goal, that is, to listen to authentic Tianjin crosstalk.

Tianjin crosstalk develops with its unique style. It is characterized by intense enthusiasm, with mixed emotions like anger and humor, and it is known for its ironic characteristics.A long table, a piece of wood, a long gown and a folding fan are all the things the performer need for their perfo rmance on the stage. 

In the circle of Tianjin crosstalk, there are many prominent figures such as Zhang Shouchen, Zhou Deshan, Ma Sanli, Hou Baolin and Chang Baokun, as well as crosstalk families such as the Ma, Chang and Yang. 


Ma Sanli, a master of crosstalk

Tianjin has become the "stepping stone" of crosstalk ac tors. Only when they are famous and popular enough in Tianjin can they start a successful career in Beijing . Life has nurtured Tianjin crosstalk, which has enriched the lives of Tianjin people. 

There are many teahouses in Tianjin with cer tain scales of popularity. Teahouses such as the Celebrity Teahouse and Qian Xiang Yi Wen Yuan contain more than 100 seats. Ac tors who are engaged in professional crosstalk in Tianjin are shuttling bet ween these teahouses every day, bringing fun to the audience. Tianjin is well worthy of its nick name——“the city of humor ”

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