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Peking Opera


Updated: 2023-07-11


Peking Opera or Beijing Opera, known as the Chinese National Treasure, is one of China's five major operas. It originated from the Hui Opera, became prosperous in Beijing and reached its peak in Tianjin. 

The prosperity and development of Beijing Opera in Tianjin benefited from the rich theatrical culture of Tianjin, especially the large group of fans and opera houses. In September of 1907, the Guangdong Guild Hall was built, whose opera house attracted many Peking Opera Masters, such as Yang Xiaolou, Tan Fuying, Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiu, Shang Xiaoyun and Yu Yanguan to come to Tianjin, making Tianjin a glittering and attractive place for Peking Opera. At that time, even the actors from South China came to Tianjin to perform on the stage.


In 1936, Ma Lianliang, Zhou Xinfang and other opera masters raised funds to establish the Chinese Grand Theater with 2000 seats in total, helping Peking Opera in Tianjin attain its peak. There is a saying in Liyuan (theatrical troupe) called "Learning opera skills in Beijing, becoming famous in Tianjin and making money in Shanghai." Today, Peking Opera in Tianjin is still famous and prosperous and full of some of the most talented in the field.


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