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Summer Davos representatives visit Tianjin Digital Art Museum


Updated: 2023-07-03


The attendees of the 2023 Tianjin Summer Davos Forum went on a sightseeing tour on June 30 to explore the rich history and dynamic development of Tianjin.

At the Tianjin Digital Art Museum, the immersive exhibition "The World of Van Gogh" delighted the guests as they experienced AR animations and enthusiastically created their own artwork on the painted walls.


"Combining artificial intelligence and AR in the context of an art museum? It's a fascinating combination," exclaimed Stephanie Czerny from Germany's Burda Media Group. "Linking Van Gogh's vibrant and profound artworks with well-preserved historical architecture creates a marvelous fusion of two different worlds. It's expressive and truly awe-inspiring!"

Opened on May 18, the Tianjin Digital Art Museum is the first domestically registered digital art museum in China."The World of Van Gogh" is its first exhibition.


It is dedicated to providing a diverse cultural and artistic experience for the general public and promoting the development of the digital culture industry. Van Gogh's paintings and manuscripts are brought to life using various innovative digital technologies, offering a sensory experience that combines visual and auditory elements.

The areas depicted Van Gogh's room, the sunflower fields, and others using AI interaction, motion sensing, naked-eye VR, and other technologies to create a deep connection among art, technology, and the audience. These advancements bring the viewers closer to the artwork, enhancing the overall artistic experience.


The upcoming Digital Cultural  Exhibition  at the museum focuses on historical research and the digitization of aerial footage of Tianjin's old city. By organizing and studying historical records, as well as utilizing digitized materials of the old city, including the canal, ancient city, and Great Wall, a parallel digital version of Tianjin's history is created, offering a unique perspective alongside reality.



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