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Mobile charging stations developed, meet increasing demand


Updated: 2023-06-06


Zhang Liming and his team at the State Grid Tianjin Binhai Company have developed ‘mobile’ charging stations to meet charging demand as the number of new energy cars continues to increase.

Zhang's team developed mobile shared charging stations suitable for old communities. The charging stations have been transformed from private property into a shared resource, from a fixed location to a mobile device.

Each charging station is composed of a cable bridge track, a movable charging plug and a charging platform and can meet the charging needs of multiple parking spots. Car owners only need to park within the range covered by the charging station to charge their cars. It completely addresses the situation of 'new energy cars looking for spots', solving the charging issue of residents in older communities.

 "Since October last year, these mobile charging stations have been tested in old communities such as Huianli community and Zhengyili community in Xincun street. In just half a year, they have been used over 400 times, with a total charging volume exceeding 5,000 kilowatt-hours. This is nearly four times the utilization rate of traditional charging stations," said Wei Xianjian, an employee of the State Grid Tianjin Binhai Company.

He added that, the team's initial intention to develop the mobile charging station was to use a simple, innovative method to solve a practical difficulty faced by residents. Drag and plug resolved the issue, and its low cost nature makes it easier to promote.

More than ten old communities in Binhai New Area, such as Huiyangli community and Hongxiali community, found mobile shared charging stations in their communities. Residents can easily use them to meet their charging needs.


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