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Tianjin University helps park become smart


Updated: 2023-06-05


Tianjin University, together with China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., and 48 other enterprises, launched a smart unmanned experience event at the Xiqing suburban park on June 1.

The university's smart unmanned technology will transform the Xiqing suburban park into an intelligent and unmanned technology theme park in the future.

The event showcased how the smart unmanned technologies can achieve the goals mentioned below. Drones performed spraying tasks and emergency water rescues. Unmanned minivans shuttled back and forth to transport tourists, while unmanned vehicles and robot dogs took orders and delivered food. Unmanned boats roamed vast bodies of water, and smart devices conducted water quality monitoring.


The smart suburban park project aims to upgrade the traditional park by constructing an intelligent service platform, a sightseeing transportation platform, and a low-carbon smart energy system. The park is supposed to be equipped with an unmanned minivan fleet, unmanned boats, unmanned logistics and sales facilities, and digital virtual tour guide service.

"Our center’s independently developed technology will serve as the theme park's 'brain' and continuously monitor the operation of all smart unmanned systems in the park. Visitors can see the real-time operation of this 'brain' on the park's large display screen,” said Professor Xie Hui, director of Tianjin University's Multi-Discipline Research Center on Autonomous Vehicles at the promotion meeting. 


He also introduced the innovation and development alliance’s plan to upgrade the park into China's largest intelligent connected science base.

 "After the overall upgrading is completed, tourists will learn more about intelligent connected vehicles through about 24 exhibitions like today and get a better idea of their impact on our daily life.”

According to Xie, the park will also serve as a youth science promotion base and hold activities like algorithm contests, data information security contests, and youth intelligent design contests to stimulate kids’ curiosity and interest in smart technology.

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