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Tianjin Eco-City’s intelligent applications scenarios to be showcased at WIC


Updated: 2023-05-16

As one of the first pilot sites for national smart city construction, the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City has been deeply involved with the World Intelligence Congress (WIC) for six years now. 

In the upcoming 2023 WIC, the Eco-City will hold a parallel forum and two sub-forums, and set up multiple intelligence experience sites such as the North Big Data Exchange Center, smart construction, smart healthcare, smart education, smart urban infrastructure, and intelligent connected vehicles. These will showcase the Eco-City's efforts to build a smart and technological city from multiple perspectives, allowing people to experience the "intelligent lifestyle in the future".

The "Future of Digital Innovation - New Ecology Summit Forum on Digital Economy" will be held on May 19, with the participation of experts and representatives in the field who will conduct high-end, interdisciplinary, and cross-field in-depth exchanges.

At the same time, during the forum, the launch ceremony of Tianjin Digital Literacy and Skills Enhancement Monthly Activity will be included, and Tianjin Digital Economy Industry (Talent) Alliance, Tianjin Binhai Digital Ecological Research Institute, and the Tianjin Smart City Digital Security Research Institute will be unveiled.

A series of intelligent applications scenarios will also enable people to experience intelligent life in the future.

North Big Data Exchange will provide a complete set of digital transformation solutions to all kinds of entities in the substantial economy, and manage the dormant public data resources to become market-oriented data elements.

Smart construction has been promoted in the Eco-City for many years. With the new development concept of "smart construction sites + smart supervision + smart construction", the experience site will demonstrate its practical application in quality and safety control and cost reduction.

Smart education will apply digital technology innovations such as IoT perception, artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G to teaching. This year, 10 smart education courses are developed, promoting the digital upgrade of education in schools.

Smart healthcare is the new intelligent application scenario with establishing information service platform and will integrate medical information resources to improve the regional public healthcare service ability.

Intelligent flood prevention is another new scenario promoted by the Eco-City to create a smart flood control system and establish an efficient linkage command platform.

The "urban brain" is an intelligent hub based on the comprehensive application platform of smart cities. This year, the data gathered by the "urban brain" has expanded. On the basis of data from the fields of construction, environment, urban management, and people's livelihood, new data related to smart emergency response, smart healthcare, and smart education have been added.

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