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Tianjin Eco-city's green building and development industry drives development


Updated: 2023-04-07

The 20th Party Congress report points out that Chinese-style modernization is a harmonious coexistence between human and nature. As the first national green development demonstration zone, the green building ratio in Tianjin Eco-City has reached 100%, with 126 national green building identification projects and a high quality rating ratio of 92%. Green building incentive policies have been introduced, forming a complete life cycle management system, standard system, and evaluation system. The first "zero-carbon building" in Tianjin has been completed, with the green building area reaching 239.7 million square meters, making it the most concentrated area for green buildings in the country. Now, Tianjin Eco-City's green building and development industry are promoting high-quality development.

Green building enterprises gather

At the residential project construction site of China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group's Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd., the building process eliminates the need for formwork, reinforcing bars and other steps, as well as avoiding dust pollution. The large-scale use of assembly components such as composite panels, interior and exterior wall panels, and dry radiant floor heating has shortened the construction period by 25%. Among them, the prefabricated composite panels, compared to traditional cast-in-place panels, demonstrates a better overall performance including superior seismic resistance, faster construction speed, and shorter construction periods. They can meet the requirements for building safety and practicality, save building materials, shorten construction periods, and be environmentally friendly.

The Eco-City actively promotes prefabricated and passive buildings, continuously exploring ultra-low energy consumption buildings, wooden structure buildings, and modular building technologies. It has attracted more than 3,000 green building and development enterprises, such as China Railway Shanghai Fourth Company, to settle in the area, forming a complete industrial chain of "real estate – smart manufacturing – energy-saving services." More and more companies engaged in green building and development are paying attention to the growing Eco-City.

Green financial product innovation

Recently, the green building performance liability insurance for the residential project on Plot 83 in the Eco-City has officially taken effect. This insurance encourages further innovation and guides more social capital to participate in green building development. Green building performance liability insurance is an underwriting model that combines insurance, risk control and services. After signing an insurance contract with the insured enterprise, the insurance company will entrust a third-party risk management organization to participate in the entire process of green building design, construction, and acceptance. The insurance company will help green buildings achieve their expected value through market-based means, such as regular inspections and providing professional guidance. In the next step, the Eco-City will summarize its experience and continue to promote the process.

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