Japanese cuisine


Updated: 2023-04-02

Real Sword Japanese Cuisine


The in-store dining environment here is elegant and is filled with cultural elements of Japan. A full set of Japanese dishes allow customers to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine and appreciate the delicious Teppanyaki. 

Customers are able to taste various dishes, such as sashimi, sushi, boiled food, grilled food, fried food, stir-fried food, hot pot, Teppanyaki, wide range of seafood, beef, various delicious desserts, ice cream, beer, sake and plum wine.

Address: 3F, Pengxin Water City Shopping Center, No. 12-24 Dafeng Road, Hongqiao District 

Tel: (+86)022-58301976

Mountain Izakaya


Mountain Izak aya is a Japanese-style chain store with a good reputation in Tianjin. The restaurant provides private room with comfortable seats and rows of Japanese typical tatami. The quality of the high-end Japanese materials can be obviously seen from the ingredients, products and service. 

On offer are salmon avocado rolls, California rolls, sukiyaki pot, squid rice, and a collection of Japanese fine wines from the store,which ensures guests can not only enjoy great Japanese food, but also enjoy a warm and homely atmosphere.

Address: Inside the TEDA MSD office building at the intersection of Second Street and Xincheng East Road, Binhai New Area 

Tel: (+86)022-65836677

Shota Muni Restaurant


Shota Muni Restaurant has originated from a new creative restaurant in Canada with a North American origin. As a Canadian Chinese, the founder is uniquely integrated into the oriental cuisine with North American style. 

The restaurant serves exquisite dishes, such as sashimi and creative sushi. The fresh raw fish used in the restaurant is derived from pollution-free deep seas around the world, making it both delicious and healthy. 

Its nutritious food, combines unique taste, a creative mix, along with Canada's top deep-sea arctic shellfish and fresh tuna with ruby-like luster is a delight. The Dalian sea urchin is transported daily to the restaurant in the morning, salmon steak that is fat and smooth and bluefin tuna that is from a very low catch - all of these delicious foods are hard to find elsewhere.

Address: 4th Floor, North District, Joy City, 2-6 Nanmenwai Street, Nankai District 

Tel: (+86)022-58100318

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