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Jizhou becomes Tianjin's first 'China Natural Oxygen Bar'


Updated: 2023-03-24

Recently, at the 4th Oxygen Bar Industry Development Conference and the 2022 "China Natural Oxygen Bar" Media Promotion Conference, Jizhou district was recognized as Tianjin's first "China Natural Oxygen Bar" and received its certificate awarded by the China Meteorological Administration.

Jizhou district, located in the north of Tianjin, is listed as a national ecological civilization construction demonstration area. Integrating mountains, water, forests, fields, lakes, and wetlands, it is a national key ecological functional zone, as well as an ecological conservation area in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and an important water source in Tianjin. The content of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air now surpasses 2,000, far exceeding the fresh air standards regulated by the World Health Organization.

Additionally, Jizhou district is rich in tourism resources, and is known as the "back garden" of Beijing and Tianjin.


Jizhou district [Photo/WeChat account: zhangshangjizhou]


Jizhou district [Photo/WeChat account: zhangshangjizhou]

In order to promote the establishment of the "China Natural Oxygen Bar", Jizhou district has continued to carry out key data collection on air negative oxygen ions, strengthened its analysis and evaluation of local tourism resources, and tapped the climate advantages of Jizhou's ecotourism.


Jizhou district [Photo/WeChat account: zhangshangjizhou]

"Recognizing Jizhou district as a 'China Natural Oxygen Bar' recognizes our great efforts in implementing the idea of 'lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets' and injecting impetus into Jizhou's building of an ecological and green development demonstration area. Going forward, Jizhou will continue to carry out the industrial development mode of 'oxygen bar +', promoting green industries and characteristic tourism activities in a bid to stimulate the tourism economy and increase farmers' incomes," said Zhuang Haixiong, director of the Jizhou Meteorological Administration.

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