Tianjin starts new journey

Elderly care industry expects wide concern


Updated: 2023-03-06

Ye Shounan, who had been a long-term resident of Beijing, has relocated to a reasonably-priced nursing home in Sanhe, Hebei province to spend the remainder of his elderly years. This nursing home is a pilot program designed to cater to retirees from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

According to Ye and his fellow residents, they are content with the daily care and medical services provided by the nursing home. Ye added that life has become more comfortable and fulfilling, as they can easily purchase items online, engage in physical exercise, play musical instruments and games.

Despite this, the country's wellness industry finds it hard to meet the needs of the aging population, due to labor shortage and low social recognition, according to the nursing home. To improve the quality of care for the elderly, it is seeking government support for the professional development and retention of caregivers.

This is the last episode of China Daily website's video series, Two Sessions Lookout that reached out to ordinary people from different fields and put their voices in spotlight.

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