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Updated: 2023-03-05

Zhengyangchun Roast Duck


Founded by Zheng Chun in 1862, Zhengyangchuan Roast Duck Restaurant is a wise choice for visitors to enjoy roast duck in Tianjin. On August 13, 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong visited the restaurant. 

Zhengyangchun has its own duck-breeding base. It uses purebred Beijing field ducks. After a scientifically measured diet for the best feeding, the finished ducks are characterized by a fat shape, delicate muscles and fatty layers. 

The raw duck weighs about 6.5 kg and is prepared using 13 strictly traditional techniques. The freshly baked roast duck is jujube red, crispy and tender, fatty but not greasy, with a unique flavor. The finely-flavored roast ducks are coated with a touch of fruity fragrance.

Address: No. 146 Liaoning Road, Heping District (near Changchun Road) 

Tel: (+86)022-27303335

Hongqi Restaurant


The famous Tianjin-style restaurant, Hongqi Restaurant, is one of the time-honored food and beverage restaurants that serve authentic Tianjin cuisine. It was formerly known as "Tong Ju Lou" and is especially famous for its authentic Tianjin cuisine. It is said that the Tianjin famous dishes such as squid originated here, and they are a model of Tianjin-style cuisine. The dishes are authentic, and the classic dishes, such as the old stirred goat intestines, shrimp, Bazhen tofu, and wolf-headed shrimp paste, are delicious, and the prices are very affordable.

Address: No. 68 Longchang Road, Hexi District 

Tel: (+86)022-28222656



Tianjin people have a special preference for the big copper pot hot pot. Enlaishun hot pot is the traditional big copper pot with the bottom being a soup pot, which can bring out the unique flavor of the lamb. It is mainly based on traditional national crafts. The lambs used ar e 100% pu r e eight-month-old lambs from the Inner Mongolia Prairie. All food is Halaal prepared and guaranteed. At present, there are more than 100 branches in the country, bringing you an authentic Halal hot pot taste.

Address: No. 283 Heping Road, Heping Distric

Tel: (+86)022-27110318

Tianjin Wei Pier


The environment of the Tianjin Wei Pier is the mainstay of the Republic of China, which truly restores the feeling of the old city of Tianjin in the Beiyang period. The shop is decorated with wooden tables and wooden chairs, old-fashioned bar counters, plaques with clear names, and even the windows are made of Beiyang-style wooden window sills. The waiters in the store are also dressed in patrol costumes and “rags” . 

The dishes here include all local Tianjin snacks and traditional delicacies. Traditional Tianjin specialties, such as fried rolls, glutinous rice, old noodles and almond tofu, are cooked early each day and are an authentic taste experience. They are popular among locals and tourists from Tianjin. The characteristic people-shaped sugar figures of Tianjin can be made on the spot and are the favorite of children. 

Another special feature of Tianjin Wei Pier is the traditional Tianjin folk art performances such as cross talk and the Jingyun Drum. Let yourself enjoy authentic Tianjin culture while eating, and the traditional old Tianjin hawking which will take you back to the streets of Tianjin one hundred years ago.

Address: 3F-61, North District, Joy City Shopping Center, No. 2 Nanmenwai Street, Nankai District 

Tel: (+86)022-27612222

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