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Skills competition slated for September in Tianjin

(China Daily)

Updated: 2023-03-02

China will organize the second national skills competition in the middle of September in Tianjin with the aim of encouraging the young generation to learn vocational skills and create a more friendly environment by respecting skilled workers.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the three-day competition will open on Sept 16. A closing ceremony will be held on the evening of Sept 19.

The competition will include 63 events to select candidates competing in the 47th WorldSkills in Lyons, France in 2024 such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. Another 46 State-level events are also included in the competition.

The ministry said that Chinese people from the mainland and above the age of 16 are encouraged to join the competition. Some events have upper age limits between 22 and 25.

"Organizing the skills competition is of great importance to the production of skilled talent," Wang Xiaojun, deputy director of the vocational capability department of the ministry, said at a news conference on Tuesday in Beijing.

She said that the skills competition offers a good stage for learners and workers, which also bears the nation's spirit of craftsmanship.

"Competitors and skilled workers can get a higher sense of honor and achievement through these competitions, which will help inspire more young people and workers to learn vocational skills."

She added that the competition is a rehearsal for the 48th World-Skills that will be held in Shanghai in 2026.

Mascots named after the host city — Tiantian and Jinjin — were unveiled on Tuesday.

"The anthropomorphic figures are lively characters dressed in blue and red workwear. The safety helmet and goggles, as well as Bluetooth earphones, show the modern appearance of skilled workers and their confident expression, open arms and thumbs-up gesture deliver the skilled workers' positive attitude and warm welcomes from Tianjin people," said Wang Xudong, a member of the organizing committee.

According to Wang Xiaojun, the ministry's deputy director of the vocational capability department, the competition will be open to the public to promote the social values of respecting work and skills. Online visiting will also be accessible.

"We will organize some skills performances and activities to let more people know and experience these skills," she added.

In December 2020, China held its first national skills competition in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Eighty-six events that attracted 2,557 competitors were included in the competition.

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