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Updated: 2023-03-01


Allegro is a traditional rap art, belonging to the Chinese genre rhyme of folk art forms. In the early years, it was called "Shulaibao" and also known as "jingling rhymes ", "Liukouzhe" and "skilled mouth" , all of which evolved from the "Lianhualuo" sung by the poor people of the Song Dynasty(960-1279).

Allegro's performance is simple, with a variety of performances such as solo,counterpart, and group performance. The lyrics are free and rhyming, and a lyric can be freely conver ted into rhymes, called "Huazhe."


During the performance, the actors use the bamboo board to beat time. Generally, they only perform short stories or a lyric ode. After the formation of the Allegro art, actors began to focus on creating and performing long-form bibliographies . During the performance, the actor holds a board and sings a few words. The former and later sentences require confrontation and the tailing charac ter requires rhyming. The whole article can be played in one way of performance, and can also be played thro ugh several ways with a free and lively characteristic and rhythm. The instruments used are the Big Three Strings and the dulcimer.


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