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Updated: 2023-02-13

Meijiang Korea City


The Meijiang area is a gathering place for Koreans in Tianjin, so plenty of Korean restaurants are set up here.

In a six-storeyed Korea town complex, there are hundreds of Korean restaurants, such as barbecue shops, ginseng soup shops, and fried chicken shops.

In addition to the restaurants, there are also Korean bars, massage rooms and Korean supermarkets. If you want to enjoy authentic Korean food, you can come to Korea town to give it a try.

Address: Intersection of JiuhuashanRoad and Hanjiang Road, Hexi District

Kang Ho-Dong Bai Ding Korean Barbecue


Kang Ho-Dong Baiding Barbecue is a rotisserie restaurant operated by the famous Korean host Kang Ho-Dong and his broker. 

Three areas are set for baking cheese corn, egg liquids and miscellaneous vegetables, especially egg liquids, which are delicious after roasting. The snowflakes, snowflake pork, scabbarded pork neck and garlic flavored large intestines are fresh and give a wonderful mouth-watering feel.

Address: 6th Floor, Aegean Shopping Park, No. 160 Jinbin Avenue, Hedong District 

Tel: (+86)022-24139677

Jiutian Family Fruit-wood Barbecue


The Jiutian Family Fruit-wood Barbecue has more than 150 branches across the country and has achieved a high popularity in Tianjin. The bright and spacious store provides choices of wood-colored decor, neat rows and chairs, and a tatami room. 

The barbecue in the store uses the best charcoal, which is high in temperature and keeps clean environment. The instant high temperatures can quickly lock in the moisture and flavor of the meat. The oil is fully integrated in the meat, so the natural moisture and flavor in the meat is technically preserved. 

The most popular meats, such as black beef granules, snowflake black cattle, and grain-fed pork and plum meat, are served with Korean barbecue sauce, Japanese-style red wine sauce, and Nanchong local savory noodles. All these option will satisfy the different foods and tastes demanded by the most fastidious eater.

Address: 2nd Floor, Languifang, 3rd Street, Binhai New Area 

Tel: (+86)022-259096285

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