2023 shopping carnival in Dongli


Updated: 2023-01-18

Spring Festival is the most important holiday of the year for Chinese people, and before the holiday, people like to go shopping. With the approach of Spring Festival, in order to provide residents a "one-stop" shopping experience, the 2023 shopping carnival, mainly organized by the supply and marketing cooperative system, is being held in the Beijing-Tianjin International Cultural and Creative Industry Park from Jan 13 to 17.


The 2023 shopping carnival [Photo provided to]

This shopping carnival is jointly sponsored by the China Co-op Group of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, the Tianjin Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperative, the Tianjin Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, the Tianjin Commission of Commerce, Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, and the Dongli District People's Government of Tianjin, under the exclusive title of the Bank of Tianjin, with the strong support and full participation of China Life Insurance.

This activity aims to give full play to the positive role of the supply and marketing cooperatives in "becoming a comprehensive platform for serving production and the life of farmers, and a bridge between the government and farmers", enabling high-quality agricultural and sideline products of Tianjin to be enjoyed by urban communities and contributing to rural revitalization. It is also the implementation of the "ten actions" for Tianjin’s high-quality development in 2023.

According to the organizers of the carnival, with the theme of "focusing on agricultural services, and promoting Tianjin's agricultural products and rural revitalization", this year’s carnival vigorously promotes Tianjin's characteristic products through activities such as the Tianjin agricultural products exhibition, characteristic goods exhibition, and intangible cultural heritage exhibition, meeting consumer demand to purchase various goods before Spring Festival.

There are five sections in the carnival, each providing different kinds of products. The main hall is the special agricultural products exhibition area of the supply and marketing cooperatives of each district of Tianjin. The supply and marketing cooperatives from eight districts and the China Co-op Group provide five categories of basic agricultural products, prepackaged food, folk handicrafts, Tianjin snacks, daily necessities and more than 450 varieties that have been listed as "Tianjin high-quality agricultural products".

The characteristic products section is mainly a display of Tianjin's local famous and high-quality agricultural products, including Tianjin’s time-honored brands, Xiaozhan rice, and Jizhou agricultural products. In addition, products from other areas, such as Gansu, Xinjiang, Chengde and Jiangxi, are also provided. The Folk Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition section displays folk cultural goods, such as flower lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, window flowers, and paper-cuttings.


The 2023 shopping carnival [Photo provided to]

The Tianjin Supply and Marketing System Commodities Matchmaking Conference will also be held during the shopping carnival period, and will provide a platform for enterprises, farmers, dealers and consumers of Tianjin, to stimulate the local markets and support rural revitalization.

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