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Themed park of Xiqing listed in 2022 municipal industrial parks of Tianjin


Updated: 2023-01-13

Recently, Xiqing University Intelligent Measurement and Control Industry Themed Park, operated by Jingwu town, was listed in the 2022 municipal industrial parks of Tianjin.

Xiqing University Intelligent Measurement and Control Industry Themed Park is located in the University Industrial Zone of Jingwu town, with a planned area of 0.67 square kilometers. At present, there are 160 enterprises in the park, which are operated by the management committee of the University Industrial Zone. These companies mainly focus on the intelligent equipment manufacturing field, and have been supported by a series of preferential policies. The park has formed a complete industrial chain with intelligent sensors as its characteristic, intelligent digital control equipment as its core, and application as its support.


Xiqing University Intelligent Measurement and Control Industry Themed Park [Photo/WeChat account: Tianjinxiqing]

The park has two advantages - enriched resources for technological innovation and the gathering of potential enterprises. Leading companies located in the park include Smartmens (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., whose products have been widely used in aerospace, energy and petrochemicals, national defense, ship nuclear power, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and TASI Automation (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., who mostly provides assembly testing, human-machine cooperated robots, intelligent loading and unloading material systems and solutions for the auto parts industry.


Smartmens (Tianjin) Technology [Photo/WeChat account: Tianjinxiqing]


TASI Automation (Tianjin) [Photo/WeChat account: Tianjinxiqing]

With its superior geographical conditions, the park can take advantage of the scientific and technological innovation resources of Tiangong University, the Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin Normal University and the Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering. Relying on the incubation carriers of Xiqing University Science and Technology Park and Tianjin Normal University Science and Technology Park, the park aims to develop industrial intelligent control technology, photoelectric display and communication devices, intelligent computing and other cutting-edge technologies, attracting 80 enterprises to settle in the area and accelerating the accumulation of innovative resources to help the conversion of scientific research achievements.

On the basis of improving its supporting facilities, the park has built a digital information management system to realize several online functions, such as park display, asset management and energy efficiency monitoring, building a new smart park with precise intelligent control, closed-loop control and information interconnection.

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