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Scientific and technological actions of Xiqing in 2023


Updated: 2023-01-12

In 2023, the Science and Technology Bureau of Xiqing District will focus on the "high-quality development of its manufacturing industry" and "city revitalization through science and education", providing scientific and technological support for innovation and the high-quality economic development of Tianjin.

Xiqing district will establish innovation platforms of high quality. It will continue to focus on the cultivation of national technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises, striving to attract over 1,000 technological leading enterprises and build an innovative enterprise team. Additionally, the local government has been encouraging and supporting enterprises to build key laboratories and scientific and technological research platforms, establishing 2 municipal technology conversion institutions to contribute towards new breakthroughs in the trading volume of technological contracts, and has built a technology conversion center of strong influence.


People discuss the model of Xiqing district [Photo/WeChat account: Tianjinxiqing]

Furthermore, the local government will promote the construction of technological parks in universities. The construction of the Xiqing section of Tiankai Higher Education Science Park will be accelerated. Focusing on the construction of five major innovation platforms and benchmarking the construction standards of national university science parks, Xiqing will promote the upgrading of Xiqing University Science Park and Tianjin Normal University Science Park, in a bid to foster 130 incubated enterprises and an output value of 1.1 billion yuan (about $163 million).


The symposium of the university science park [Photo/WeChat account: Tianjinxiqing]

Throughout 2023, the local government will continue to deepen and strengthen the investigation of scientific and technological enterprises, so as to refine the pool of key enterprises and apply for municipal scientific and technological projects. In response to the needs of enterprises, Xiqing will continue to enrich various methods to support them, such as providing "financial assistance" and "science and technology policy introduction", to help enterprises make good use of the preferential policies for innovation and development.

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