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Ninghe holds signing ceremony of key projects


Updated: 2023-01-10

On Jan 9, Ninghe district held a signing ceremony of key projects and a symposium of entrepreneurs. It signed on-site contracts with 14 enterprises from Beijing, Changchun, Shenyang, Tangshan, Shanghai and Tianjin, and 15 key projects involving new energy, new technology, commercial services, the deep processing of agricultural products, prefabricated vegetables and health care, with a total planned investment of 4 billion yuan (about $600 million).


The signing ceremony of key projects held in Ninghe district [Photo provided to ninghe.exploringtianjin.com]

Since 2022, Ninghe district has included "all-around investment promotion" as one of the "six major actions" to be implemented. In 2022, the themed event of "gathering in Ninghe for a better future" has been held four times both online and offline, with a total of 55 signed projects having been signed, and an agreed investment of nearly 1.1 billion yuan. 110 projects were introduced throughout the year, with a total investment of 7.4 billion yuan.

"Since the beginning of December last year, with the optimization of policies on the prevention and control of COVID-19, the leaders of Ninghe district led a team to visit the Pearl River Delta Region to attract investment. Since signing deals with enterprises, the local government of Ninghe has closely communicated with them to solve problems in the construction of the companies, the introduction of talents and subsidies issued for technological projects, and continuously expanded the local investment attraction advantages," said Liu Jiawei, deputy director of the Ninghe Cooperation and Exchange Office.

In recent years, Ninghe has hired more than 100 outstanding entrepreneurs and social celebrities as investment ambassadors. "Ninghe has a very good idea of how to attract investment to spur development. Merchants from Jiangxi have more than 400 chambers of commerce across the world, with rich resources and platforms. Recently, we have been coordinating and docking a five-star hotel project to settle in Ninghe, helping the development of the local cultural tourism industry," said Wang Huizhong, president of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Tianjin and investment ambassador of Ninghe district.

The continuously optimized business environment has not only attracted more enterprises to invest in Ninghe, but also strengthened the confidence of enterprises in having a future in the region.

"This time Neusoft Medical will settle its health care industry in Ninghe. We will rely on existing medical institutions to increase investment and provide more high-quality medical resources for local people in the region. In the future, we will also move the company's operation and settlement center to Ninghe to help in the employment and economic development of Ninghe," said Wang Fei, vice president of Neusoft Medical and general manager of Neusoft Medical China.

"New Tiangang United Special Steel Co., Ltd. settled in Ninghe in 2009. In recent years, the local government has provided strong support for the development of enterprises. This time, we signed two projects, namely, rare gas extraction and solar photovoltaic projects, with a total investment of 225 million yuan," said Wei Xiaoyang, general manager assistant of Tianjin New Tiangang United Special Steel.

Chen Liangwen, deputy head of Ninghe district, pointed out that in 2023, more than 120 projects are planned to be implemented throughout the year, including 6 large projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan.

This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress. Ninghe will build a development platform, provide solid guarantees for project implementation and enterprise development, and continue to make efforts to create a market-oriented, international and legalized business environment.

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