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The development of Dongli over the past ten years


Updated: 2022-10-13

As the crucial hub between "Jin city center" and "Bin city center", Dongli has been promoting innovation development, protecting the ecological environment and attracting talents to settle, so as to stimulate local high-quality development, and improve the living standards of people and the governance of society.

Dongli has relied on innovation to drive social development. On July 27, the solid launch vehicle "ZK-1A” was successfully launched for the first time. Tianjin Istar Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., located in Huaming High-tech Zone, Dongli, developed and provided the important components for the "ZK-1A".

Tianjin Istar Aerospace Science and Technology has been focusing on the new material field and driving the development of core technology through innovative applications. Its annual output value has increased from 10 million yuan (about $1.4 million) to 200 million yuan, and it has grown into a national level "small giant" enterprise. 

The headquarters of Istar Aerospace Science and Technology in Tianjin is currently under construction. Upon completion, it will become a research and development center in the field of large transportation, a technology innovation center in the field of new materials, and a high-end equipment manufacturing base for multi-functional aerospace components.


The Huaming High-tech Zone in Dongli district [Photo/Wechat account: tianjindongli]

Over the past ten years, the Huaming High-tech Zone in Dongli district has been building a demonstration site for cultivating enterprises. Its development shows the gathering of new industries and their promising future in Dongli.

Supported by advantageous industries, Dongli has been focusing on six major industrial chains, including high-end equipment, new materials, automobiles and new energy, biomedicine, and aerospace. It has gradually realized the high-quality development of the Dongli Economic Development Zone, Airport Economic Zone, Huaming High-tech Zone, and Dongli Lake Modern Service Center.

Furthermore, Dongli has given priority to the ecological environment protection over the past ten years. Since 2018, Dongli has been constructing a 146 square-kilometer green ecological barrier, and has implemented more than 50 projects, such as afforestation and water system connectivity. 

The afforestation area of the green ecological barrier in Dongli has increased by 11.4 square kilometers, and forest coverage in the primary control area has reached 27.1 percent. The green coverage rate has risen from 8.06 percent in 2012 to 40.57 percent in 2021.

In the future, Dongli district will further optimize the ecological environment, actively introduce market-oriented resources, and promote the integrated development of ecology, culture, tourism and sports, so as to achieve ecological, economic and social benefits.

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