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Chinese eye expert initiates first international guideline for ocular trauma treatment


Updated: 2022-10-13

Recently, The Guideline for the Treatment of No Light Perception Eyes Induced by Mechanical Ocular Trauma, initiated by Professor Hua Yan, was officially published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, an influential international medical journal. The guideline marks the first of its kind worldwide.


The guide was formulated by Yan, head of Ophthalmology of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital and vice president of the Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society, and renowned experts in ocular trauma in China and overseas.

The international and authoritative expert group includes 53 top experts and world-renowned scholars from 10 countries in the fields of clinical and basic ophthalmology.

The treatment of ocular trauma with no light perception has always been challenging, even for skilled ophthalmologists. 

Aiming to unify standards of treatment both domestically and internationally, the guideline development team strictly followed international criterion and WHO guideline formulation procedures, and applied the Delphi expert survey method to select 16 key clinical problems for the treatment of the disease.

After collecting, evaluating and synthesizing relevant evidence at home and abroad, the GRADE method was used for evidence classification and recommendation, and 16 key clinical issues finally reached consensus.


Hua Yan

This guideline standardizes the principles and methods of treatment of complex ocular trauma with no light perception, and provides a guide for the clinical work of global ophthalmologists.

As a pioneer in this field, Yan has been dedicated to the research of ocular trauma, and has worked on standardizing the diagnosis and precise treatment of ocular trauma for decades.

He led the formulation of the "Expert Consensus on the Treatment of Mechanical Ocular Trauma No Light Perception Eyes in China" in 2020, and pioneered surgical treatment for complicated ocular trauma with no light perception.

For decades, he has treated a considerable number of patients with complicated ocular trauma with no light perception from all over the world.

Invited by Springer Publisher, Yan edited the world's first series of six monographs on ocular trauma, which were highly praised by experts, including Ferenc Khun, the president of World Ocular Trauma Society. 

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