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Xiqing promotes administrative license example site


Updated: 2022-10-11

In order to make the process of applying for administrative licenses more convenient for enterprises and local people, Xiqing has innovated and promoted the administrative license example site.

Xue Jun, who is about to start a business and open a dental clinic, encountered problems when she applied for the administrative license, as the procedure was complicated and unclear. After understanding her needs, the staff of the Xiqing government led her to visit the administrative license example site, where Xue could learn more about how to run her own business.


The administrative license example site [Photo/Wechat account: Tianjinxiqing]

Wang Zhaojing, the responsible person of the Xiqing administrative examination and approval authority, pointed out that the purpose of establishing the administrative license example site is to provide examples and information for people applying for relatively complicated licenses, using videos, pictures and other materials.

The site provides people the detailed requirements on business building construction to ensure that there is no wrong construction or reworks required after later inspections. The site also provides a guide on how to complete the process of applying for administrative permits so as to save on human and economic costs.

Next, Xiqing will continue to give full play to the site so as to improve its work efficiency and reduce costs for local enterprises.

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