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Nozimov Sharifkhuja: BRI facilitates cultural exchanges and economic development


Updated: 2022-10-11


Tianjin is an ancient coastal city at least 600 years old located right next to Beijing in North China. It is a balanced blend of old and new, abundant in historical and cultural resources and a major economic center with national impact.

It has witnessed positive outcomes in its efforts to pursue high-quality development, and will continue boosting productivity and seeking new momentum to foster sustainable development.

Following the success of season one, Tianjin releases the second season of Tianjin Insight series, which presents a panoramic view of the port city’s evolution and achievements through the eyes of expats living there.

This episode tells the story of Nozimov Sharifkhuja from Tajikistan, who is studying at Nankai University for a master’s degree of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages.

Exposed to Chinese culture since childhood, he has always longed to come to China. On the recommendation of the campus environment of Nankai University and the beautiful scenery of Tianjin, he was immediately attracted to the city and decided to study there.

The convenient shopping and fine food also impressed him.

Nozimov Sharifkhuja said that the Belt and Road Initiative facilitates cultural exchanges and promotes employment and economic development in his country.

His goal is to further improve his Chinese language proficiency and skills, and then return to Tajikistan to become a Chinese teacher after completing his studies.

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