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Mochizuki Atsushi :Tianjin embraces openness and inclusiveness


Updated: 2022-10-10


Tianjin is an ancient coastal city at least 600 years old located right next to Beijing in North China. It is a balanced blend of old and new, abundant in historical and cultural resources and a major economic center with national impact.

It has witnessed positive outcomes in its efforts to pursue high-quality development, and will continue boosting productivity and seeking new momentum to foster sustainable development.

Following the success of season one, Tianjin releases the second season of Tianjin Insight series, which presents a panoramic view of the port city’s evolution and achievements through the eyes of expats living there.

This episode focuses on Mochizuki Atsushi from Tokyo Japan, general manager of Yanlord Isetan Commercial Co. Ltd.

After leaving Tianjin for nearly 30 years, he came back to the city to work. Mochizuki Atsushi said that great changes have happened here after around 30 year’s development. Skyscrapers and broad roads were built while many business districts and complexes emerged.

Tianjin embraces openness and inclusiveness, he said. Tianjin and Kobe in Japan were the first pair of international friendship cities after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

He applauds the city’s international image and has confidence in Tianjin’s market.

China’s digital advancement impressed him a lot. Intelligent technology has been integrated into people’s daily lives.

As a Japanese retail enterprise, Yanlord Isetan has witnessed the high quality development of business in Tianjin. Mochizuki Atsushi believes that Yanlord Isetan will certainly make greater achievements in Tianjin as the city is building itself an international consumption center city.

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