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Jizhou seeks to upgrade its rural tourism


Updated: 2022-08-08

With the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for cultural tourism development, Jizhou has established four working groups to elevate rural tourism to a new level. The government has built a key project base for cultural tourism investment (with 45 projects under implementation) and a vacant residential resource pool (with 1,848 residents in) to revitalize stock assets. At present, the number of high-quality bed-and-breakfast places (B&Bs) has increased to 220. Four B&Bs in Jizhou have applied for national class A and B this year.

Jizhou continuously promotes the three-year action plan for the upgrading and transformation of farmyards. The government has encouraged the local people to enlist their vacant residences so they can participate in the new corporate management system.  

Besides, Jizhou focuses on the comprehensive development of the whole industrial chain of rural tourism. With each town and village having their own features -- such as paintings and calligraphy in Dapingan village of Yixiaying town, folk photography in Xijingyu village of Yuyang town, and special catering in Xinshuichang of Chuanfangyu town -- the government aims to create themed cultural tourism destinations.

After years of development, rural tourism in Jizhou district has spread to 15 towns, over 100 villages, and farmyards (B&Bs) have grown to 2,475 households.

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