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Metaverse and more cutting-edge technologies to take spotlight in 6th WIC


Updated: 2022-06-22


The 6th World Intelligence Congress will take place online on June 24-25 in Tianjin. The global event will give full play to cutting-edge technologies, such as the metaverse and hundreds of attendees sharing their screens simultaneously, from Tencent, a strategic partner and technology provider of WIC.

One of the highlights of this year’s WIC is the metaverse venue, which adopts the pioneering technology solution of end-cloud integrated innovation. It brings brand-new immersive experiences for audiences by enabling the participation of audience members' digital avatars in the meeting’s virtual venues and interactions with other participants.

The realization of multiple attendees sharing their screens simultaneously is mainly through the use of the ultra-large room capability of Tencent Conference. Relying on the global network deployment of Tencent Cloud and the adoption of an innovative architecture, it ensures ultra-low latency, ensuring a high-definition, smooth and stable participation experience.


In order to help the hearing-impaired people better watch and participate in this WIC, a 3D digital sign language translator by the Tencent is also available to provided real-time sign language services. It integrates multi-modal interactive technologies, including 3D digital human modeling, machine translation, speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies.

Based on the digital exhibition platform built by Tencent Cloud, visitors can earn credits by registering, logging in, signing in, participating in the conference, interacting, and watching the conference. The credits can be exchanged for cultural and creative products at the conference.

The live broadcast of the conference will also adopt technical means, such as AI and VR panoramic live broadcast. Compared with the traditional guest PPT speech, this conference allows the audience to experience panoramic visual effects.


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