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Livelihood in Tianjin continues to improve


Updated: 2022-06-20

Through the committed efforts of the Tianjin municipal government, the past five years have witnessed remarkable achievements in promoting the livelihood and wellbeing of its people. The numbers speak for themselves.

During the past five years, an accumulative 2.2 million new jobs have been created in Tianjin. Its disposable income per capita has increased by 6.8 percent to hit 47,449 yuan. The dilapidated buildings of 22 thousand rural residents have been renovated. The city has built 1,700 canteens for seniors and 1,357 daily elderly care service centers. In view of education, 160 thousand preschool degrees and 110 thousand compulsory degrees have been added. In the nationwide anti-poverty campaign, the city helped to lift 3,356 poor people across 50 counties of other provinces out of poverty.

During the 12th Tianjin Municipal Congress of the Communist Party of China, the gains on wellbeing will be further consolidated and following initiatives will be implemented.

Higher quality health services must be offered to promote the expansion and balanced distribution of premium medical resources.

Gu Qing, head of the Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, said that thanks to the measures rolled out on health, the average life expectancy of Tianjin’s residents has reached 82.03. In the next five years, the city will enhance its balanced distribution of high-quality medical resources and continue to improve the TCM service system. Tianjin has built an elderly care service system that integrates home-based care and community-based care, as well as 1,700 canteens for 1,900 thousand senior citizens having been built. The pilot practices of home-based elderly care services in Hexi district will be applied across the country.

The head of the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau Li Kemin said that the city will shape itself into “a city of sports”, on the basis of its advantageous sports resources. By 2025, the average area per capita of sports grounds in Tianjin will reach 2.6 square meters, with every 10 thousand enjoying at least one soccer field; the number of people who exercise regularly outdoor will account for 48 percent of the residential population; a sports industry system, which covers sports competitions and shows, fitness and leisure, stadiums and gyms, will be established on the whole; and the total value of the sports industry will hit 100 billion yuan($14.95 billion).


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