Panshan Mountain


Updated: 2022-03-02


Endowed with natural beauty and historical heritage, Mount Panshan is known as 'The First Mountain East of Beijing'. Its famous jade pine trees, strange and astonishing peaks, clear waters, grotesquely shaped rocks and clusters of ancient temples won admiration from many emperors in ancient China. 

Being a national 5A scenic spot in the northwest of Jizhou district, it is a National Demonstration Area of Ecological Tourism. It is known for the pines in the upper part, stones in the middle part, and water in the lower part. 


Guayue Peak, the summit of Panshan Mountain

The majestic mountain and wonderful scenery have attracted emperors in different dynasties. Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911)  visited the mountain 32 times and gave high praises of its beauty.

Panshan now receives over 2 million travelers annually, and the number has continued to grow in recent years. 

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