National Maritime Museum of China

Updated: 2022-02-28


As China's first national maritime museum in the harbor city of Tianjin, the museum provides a visual feast for ocean lovers around the globe, as well as abundant materials for China's maritime research and protection.


Covering an area of 150,000 square meters, the three-story museum has been dubbed the "ocean version of China's Palace Museum," as its 23,000-square-meter exhibition hall covers a wide range of themes including marine ecology and environment, science education and interactive programs, as well as Chinese maritime culture and history.


Featuring countless life-size models of ancient marine animals, precious fossils and cultural relics, the museum aims to provide its audience a comprehensive understanding of the abundance of China's ocean resources. Historical records documenting ancient Chinese exploration of the oceans are also included in the museum's collection, showing China's long history as a leading maritime power.


In addition to an extensive collection of maritime materials, cutting-edge technologies have also been used to help the visitors have a better understanding of ocean ecology. Smart encyclopedia and online searching systems enable visitors to acquire specific information about sea life, while an AI-controlled lighting system and VR equipment provide the audience with an immersive experience into the deep ocean.

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