Zhang Tailei and the establishment of the Socialist Youth League in Tianjin


Updated: 2021-01-20


From 1915 to 1919, Zhang Tailei studied law at Peiyang University, the predecessor of today’s Tianjin University. In the early 1920s, Zhang Tailei served as the primary liaison between the Communist International (CI) and the Chinese Bolsheviks. Zhang was in close touch with Li Dazhao in the first half of 1920 when Li and Chen Duxiu were preparing to establish the Communist Party of China.


Zhang served as the secretary, and the meeting passed the regimental chapter drafted by him. After the league’s establishment, it effectively encouraged members to study Marxism, understand the work and life of factory workers and report on the news of the labor movement.


As the first member of the CPC in Tianjin, Zhang contributed to establishing the Communist organizations in the city. In Oct 1920, Zhang was instructed by Li to establish China’s second Socialist Youth League, nowadays the Communist Youth League, in Tianjin. The country’s first youth league was launched in Shanghai.

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